Friday, 16 December 2011

HPI WR8 3.0

 Source:HPI USA


When you combine the ultra-tough Bullet 3.0 drivetrain with the true to scale look of the Ford Abu Dhabi WRC team, you get the HPI WR8 Rally: scale realism and awesome nitro power!
Rallying is the ultimate test of a road car, pushing it beyond its limits, and by starting with the drivetrain from the Bullet 3.0 nitro-powered truck, designers had the perfect starting point to make an all-new HPI rally car! By making improvements to the suspension and wheelbase, the WR8 chassis was born! The WR8 keeps the tough bevel gear differentials, 4WD shaft drivetrain, twin disc brakes and fully ball bearing-supported drivetrain of the Bullet nitro truck, then we added a new Nitro Star G3.0 High Output engine, racing-style clutch, new suspension geometry, thick sway bars, plus scale gravel tires and wheels to make it a real rally contender!
To make it a complete scale package, our bodyshell designers got to work replicating the 2011 Ford Fiesta RS WRC used by the Ford Abu Dhabi World Rally Team, the offical Ford works rally team. This car saw action all around the world, from New Zealand to Norway, Great Britain to Germany! The shape and decals of this championship contender are absolutely spot-on, and when you add the officially licensed Abu Dhabi/Castrol livery, Michelin gravel tires and OZ wheels, it's impossible to distinguish it from the real thing!


The 3mm aluminum chassis is the foundation of a tough and durable racing machine, and features composite braces front and rear, cool silver anodizing and countersunk screws on the bottom for zero interference going over obstacles. The dirt guards keep the worst mud and dirt from getting into the chassis and protect the chassis as well.

A rally car has to cope with a range of conditions and road types that most cars or SUVs will never see - this is why the ride height is adjustable for off-road and on-road conditions using simple clips on the dampers.

The new Nitro Star G3.0 HO engine is a super-powerful upgraded engine based on the powerful G3.0 used in the Firestorm and Bullet 3.0 trucks. It features a steel flywheel for smooth idling and is fitted with a racing style 2-shoe clutch for excellent acceleration and throttle response.

Twin steel disc brakes provide maximum stopping power, and are easily adjusted to provide more front or more rear braking action.

The WR8 Rally is equipped with the shaft drivetrain straight out of the Bullet 3.0 nitro truck. Three oil-filled gear diffs with bevel gears, a full-time 4WD drivetrain supported by rubber-sealed ball bearings, high-strength steel driveshafts & axles and much more!
The extra-strong & waterproof SF-10W servo is ideal for bashers and racers looking for a strong and durable servo for absolutely any kind of condition, and it's the perfect fit to handle the steering and throttle/brake duties in the WR8 Rally. The servos are mounted to an orange-anodized aluminum plate for extra durability and control.
Splashproof receiver box fits the 2.4Ghz receiver and receiver pack, plus the antenna mount.
The front bumper protects the front end of the chassis and suspension, and prevents the body from taking too much damage over jumps. A raised skid plate made from tough plastic allows the car to slide over objects in the road, and the high density foam bumper is sandwiched between a high angle skid plate and an upper bumper brace that doubles as a front body mount.
The suspension of the WR8 is entirely new, with durable lower arms to fit the scale size of the Ford Fiesta RS WRC body, solid upper links for simple adjustment and shocks that are the perfect length for off-road use.
Officially licensed by Michelin and featuring the exclusive tread design of the Latitude Cross S1 gravel tires used in WRC competition, these tires are the ultimate in scale realism! The full-size tires must work in a wide range of conditions, as the rules allow only one type of gravel tire, and the scale version works great on gravel, dusty dirt and even on limited tarmac use.
Front and rear sway bars for precise handling and adjustability
Keeping mud and dirt off the shocks is a key in preventing excessive maintenance time to rebuild the shocks, and the shock guards fitted on the rear suspension arms do a fantastic job in keeping dirt, mud and more off the rear shocks!
Nothing can beat scale realism when you're talking about model cars, and we're proud to feature the official vehicle and livery design of the Ford Abu Dhabi World Rally Team on the WR8 Rally! Every feature of the real car is replicated in perfect scale miniature!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

12/14/11.....New Vehicle Coming From HPI

Friday, 2 December 2011

Traxxas TQi Radio System

Traxxas TQi Radio System with Docking Base and Traxxas Link Application as seen in the Traxxas XO-1

Traxxas XO-1..The Worlds FASTEST RTR RC Vehicle

You'd better pray your other half hasn't already bought your Christmas presents, because we can almost guarantee that this new radio control car, called the Traxxas XO-1 will make it to the very top of your letter to Santa.
This is because its makers claim that it is the world's fastest ready-to-race radio-controlled supercar.

And we are talking properly fast, here: 0-60mph is dealt with in 2.3secs, and the XO-1 tops out at more than 100mph, a speed which it reaches in 4.9secs.
But this isn't something to buy for a 9-year-old. The 4WD, lithium-polymer-battery beast is controlled via iPhone or iPod Touch, and Traxxas politely suggests that "The XO-1 is not a toy and is intended for use by experts only". They also advise that it should be used only on a closed track and that those without a driving licence should steer clear.

We think it looks brilliant. Although at $1099.99 (£700) it's probably a bit pricey for a stocking filler...

Friday, 30 September 2011

HPI - Flux, The Next Level...

Saturday, 10 September 2011

HPI Baja 5c GoPro Camera Car

Friday, 9 September 2011

HPI 4WD Baja To Be Unveiled

HPI unveils another upcomming vehicle


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New HPI Vorza

* Factory-assembled & pre-painted electric-powered 4WD rallycross buggy
* New-look body with brand new HPI logo design
* Strong and powerful HPI Flux Tork 2200 brushless motor
* HPI Flux Shot speedo with fan and 6S LiPo capability!
* 2.4 GHz radio system for crystal-free, comfortable control
* High torque metal gear steering servo
* 6061 aluminum chassis provides the ideal backbone
* LiPo ready adjustable battery tray with sercure hook-and-loop straps
* Nylon stone and dirt guards keep rocks out of the chassis
* Aluminium heatsink motor mount help the motor stay cool
* Hardened steel spur and pinion gear for extreme durability
* Front, center and rear fluid-filled differentials
* Spiral-cut bevel gears is the strongest design with best balance of efficiency
* Suspension based on World Champion HB D8 buggy
* Aluminium shock towers with multiple shock positions
* 16mm Big bore oil-filled aluminum threaded shocks for confident control
* Long suspension arms give stability and balance
* Sway bars front and rear give confidence while cornering
* Steel turnbuckle links allow you to custom-tune handling
* Adjustable toe-in for suspension fine-tuning
* Sealed shaft drivetrain is maintenance-free and extra strong
* HB/HPI Proto all-terrain tires work great on any surface
* Fantastic-looking V7 black chrome wheels
* Durable black nylon wing for high downforce

Source: HPI USA

Thursday, 11 August 2011

RCX Chicago Highlights

Check it out here:

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Upcoming Gasoline Truck in 2012

No information was given regarding the kit. Just this picture.

Picture taken from HPI USA's Facebook Page

Monday, 8 August 2011

HPI at X Games 17

Pictures taken from HPI USA

See more Pictures @ HPI's Website

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Another Addition to the TT01 series!

Yes, I said it. There is going to be another kit that falls in the TT01 series. The name given to it is the Sumo Power GT Nissan GT-R.

  • 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.

  • Polycarbonate body of the Nissan GT-R included.

  • Side mirrors and rear wing are reproduced with separately molded parts.

  • Separately molded light cases included (separately available LEDs can be installed).

  • Sticker sheet and masking seals included.

  • Narrow slick tires (26mm width) and silver narrow 6-spoke wheels (offset +2) included.

  • TT-01 Type-E chassis features 4WD shaft driven bathtub chassis with 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension and sealed front and rear differential gearboxes.

  • Type 540 motor included.

  • Items Required:

    Source: Tamiya USA

    Monday, 1 August 2011

    HPI's First Slipper Clutch!

    Here it is:

    No information has been given with regards to specifications and price.

    Friday, 29 July 2011

    1/16 Brushless Monster from Traxxas

    Source: Traxxas


    A quick run down on some of the specs:

    • Revo suspension technology
    •  4WD
    • Velineon® 380 brushless motor
    • Waterproof electronics
    • Torque-control™ slipper clutch
    • Sealed differentials
    • Traxxas High-Current Connector
    • Metric hex hardware
    • Rubber-sealed ball bearings

     More info Here

    Thursday, 28 July 2011

    HPI Events Coming Up!

    Only two days. So don't miss it!

                                                Plus the 2011 Baja West Coast Nations is coming up!

    For more info on these events please visit:

    Source: HPI

    Wednesday, 27 July 2011

    Tamiya strikes again!

    Tamiya has just released another drift kit this year. The name given to it is the Tamiya TB-03VDS, item #84205. It has a price tag of $667. Lets take a look at what this six hundred dollar kit has to offer and what's included in the box.

  • Equipped with the TB-03's front and rear gearboxes

  • 2.5mm thick carbon fiber lower deck

  • Aluminum center F/R gearbox braces which offer superior chassis strength

  • Chassis layout is optimized for drifting and features a 2-piece propeller shaft along the center line of the chassis with the battery pack, motor and R/C radio gear positioned on either side of the car

  • 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is equipped with the short reversible suspension arms as seen on the TB-03, TA-05 Version 2 and TRF 416,417

  • TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) Aluminum threaded shock body and Teflon piston dampers included

  • A parallel geometry steering system with left and right symmetrical steering angles offers excellent control and easier counter steering maneuvers

  • Front ball diff and rear direct coupling (spool)

  • 2-piece universal propeller shaft

  • Aluminum turnbuckle shafts

  • Front and Rear universal shafts

  • Aluminum hex wheel hubs

  • Hi-torque servo saver included

  • Steel diff joints for improved wear and durability

  • 53842 TA05 Stabilizer Set (F & R)

  • 54098 TB-03 Carbon Reinforced A Parts (Gear Case)

  • 54122 TB-03 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)

  • 54124 TB-03D Carbon Damper Stay (Front)

  • 54137 TB-03D Aluminum Rear Upright (1)

  • 54146 TB-03 Aluminum Damper Stay Mount

  • 54064-74 TB-03 Aluminum Suspension Mounts

  • 54171-75 TA05 ver.II Separated Suspension Mounts

  •  I'm sure that many of you can agree, that with a kit like this there's no need for additional hop ups. It's simply outstanding!

    This kit also requires the following items:

    *Transmitter & Receiver
    *RC Paint

    HPI Releases Another Edition of The RS4

    There's another edition to the RS4. This time it's named as the HPI RS4 3 Evo +

     This new edition comes with a Nitro Star T3.0 engine.

    Just a rundown here of the specifications:

    Displacement: 3.01cc
    Boar: 16.8mm
    Stroke: 13.6mm
    Power: 2.2hp @ 31,000 RPM
    Maximum RPM: 32,000 RPM
    Carburettor: F2-6.5 (Composite 6.5mm

    The RS4 3 Evo + comes loaded with tons of great features:

    This is something a bit new:
    That's a 2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver that also comes in the box!

    For more information you can view the product @