Friday, 2 December 2011

Traxxas XO-1..The Worlds FASTEST RTR RC Vehicle

You'd better pray your other half hasn't already bought your Christmas presents, because we can almost guarantee that this new radio control car, called the Traxxas XO-1 will make it to the very top of your letter to Santa.
This is because its makers claim that it is the world's fastest ready-to-race radio-controlled supercar.

And we are talking properly fast, here: 0-60mph is dealt with in 2.3secs, and the XO-1 tops out at more than 100mph, a speed which it reaches in 4.9secs.
But this isn't something to buy for a 9-year-old. The 4WD, lithium-polymer-battery beast is controlled via iPhone or iPod Touch, and Traxxas politely suggests that "The XO-1 is not a toy and is intended for use by experts only". They also advise that it should be used only on a closed track and that those without a driving licence should steer clear.

We think it looks brilliant. Although at $1099.99 (£700) it's probably a bit pricey for a stocking filler...

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